Dhara Phirom Palace Museum

Dhara Phirom Palace Museum

Location : Mae Rim District 

Daraphirom Palace Museum in Chiang Mai was home of Jao Dara Rasamee. Jao Dara Rasamee was known for supporting Buddhism and promoting cultural practices in Chiang Mai. The princess played an important role in building a good relationship between the Chakri dynasty of Siam and the Lanna dynasty. She also owned a farm where she developed a strong desire to help the farmers. When Jao Dara Rasamee passed away she gave her home to her descendants. Later, Chulalongkorn University bought the property and it became famous as the Dara Pirom Museum, Chiang Mai.


Dara Pirom Museum in Chiang Mai was recently renovated; the exteriors and interiors were repainted in their original colors. The gardens were restored with the original atmosphere that was prevalent at the original palace. Apart from providing information about the princess, the Dara Pirom Museum, Chiang Mai offers a case study of buildings that have Western architectural influence.


How to get there

From Chiang Mai Town, take Highway No. 107 to Mae Rim district. From Mae Rim District Office, turn left towards the Dara Rasmi Border Patrol Police Camp.

Opening Hours Daily from 09:00 am. - 05:00 pm.

Admission 20 Baht (Price are subject to change)

Contract Tel. 0 5329 9175