Huay Tueng Tao

Huay Tueng Tao

Location : Mae Rim District 

Huay Tueng Tao is the beautiful lake and public park a few kilometres north of Chiang Mai City. The development of the area was inspired by His Majesty the King following his visit to Chiang Mai in 1980. Lake is is a manmade reservoir. The road circling the lake, is about three kilometres long. If you like, bring your own food but there are several nice restaurants where you can eat at very reasonable price. Huay Tung Tao is one of the locals’ get away places. The lake is in a lovely area with mountain views. There is a very good two lane road that goes around the lake - perfect for taking a walk, or taking your bike for a spin. There are quite a lot of facilities here, including a camping ground, paddle boat hire, ATV and paintball courses.


How to get there

Just drive up Canal Road, past the 700 year Stadium, drive another 2 km or and follow the signs!.

Opening Hours Daily from 09:00 am. - 05:00 pm.

Admission 20 Baht (Price are subject to change)

Contract Tel. 0 5312 1119