Mae Sa Snake Farm

Mae Sa Snake Farm

Location : Mae Rim District 

Mae Sa Snake Farm, Chiang Mai is situated on the Mae Rim to Samoeng Road. This farm is the largest snake farm in the region. It attracts the maximum number of crowd as compared to all other Chiang Mai Parks & Gardens. Mae Sa Snake Farm, Chiang Mai has a large collection of snakes. Snake handlers show the general public all kinds of snakes in the farm. Some snakes are nonpoisonous but most snakes here are poisonous. The main highlight of the park is the poisonous Cobra. A visit to Mae Sa Snake Farm, Chiang Mai is not only entertaining but it also enlightens visitors about snakes. The farm clears many misconception and superstitions related to snakes. Mae Sa Snake Farm, Chiang Mai is not only famous for exhibiting snakes but is also popular for conducting extensive research and deep study on snake breeding.

Opening Hours Mae Sa Snake Farm in Chiang Mai organizes a show everyday for general viewing in its premise. The show times are at 11:30 am, 14:15 pm. and 15:30 pm. The show lasts for half-an-hour.

Admission Adult 200 Baht, Children 100 Baht

Contact Tel. 0 5386 0719