Baan Jang Nak - A Museum of Elephant Wood Carvings

Baan Jang Nak - A Museum of Elephant Wood Carvings

Location : San Kamphaeng District

Founded on 1985 by Mr. Phet Wiriya, who has a strongly passion on the art of wood carving. He was a student of the greatest wood carver in Lam Pang “Kum-ay DejDuangTa” who taught him about carving and suggested him to the beauty and meaningful spirit of Elephants. After Phet finished learning with his teacher, he got a career in Bangkok to teach prisoner about wood carving. He later came back to his hometown and led a couple of his friends and students who also love and want to learn traditional Lanna Style woodcarving.


Phet and his team had developed the way to carve. He was the first carver who changed the way of a traditional style of Lanna elephant woodcarving which was a standing elephant with long legs and the same posture to a realistic look of elephant. He also experimented in using new materials to carve, suggested carvers who used only teak wood to carve. Cassia Wood is a local wood and easily found in Chiang Mai. They are easily found in Thailand. It is a quick growing tree and could grow in any kind of weather. Most of Thai people used its young-leaves as foods (steamed or use in the curry). Some parts of the tree are used as medicine (good for decrease blood pressure). For its wood, the only purpose is to use as fuel. Phet was the first carver who uses this kind of wood to carve even its wood is harder than any other wood, but the result came out with beauty and fantastic work of arts.


How to get there

Songthaew (white pic-up) to Bo Sang and San Kamphaeng district leave Chiang Mai frequently during the day from the stop by the flower market, near the footbridge. Songthaew (white pic-up) leave from Chang Pheuak bus terminal and make the trip to either destination.

Contact Tel. 0 5389 4071