Ang Ka Natural Trial

Ang Ka Natural Trial

Location : Chom Thong District 

This trail is a broad walk which it approximately 360 meters in length. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the trail. It is at about 2,500 meters from the averaged mean sea level. Ang Ka, which means Crow’s Pond in Thai could be considered as the highest natural water body in Thailand. Since it is surrounded by hill evergreen forest, the weather here is pretty mild throughout the year. Additionally, the organisms living in this area are well adjusted to such a specific climatic condition.


Ang Ka is classified as a temperate evergreen forest with a specific feature distinguished from the typical one since a peat bog appears in the middle of the area. Barely decomposed litter is accumulated in the bog and the temperature is low all year round. This habitat is inhabited by some rare plants and animals indigenous to this ecosystem. such as Rhododendron, Sphagnum Moss, Ferns, Common European White-toothed Shrew, Pere David’s Vole and Green-tailed Sunbird, etc.


How to get there

From Chiang Mai, take route 108 towards Chom Thong District. At km. 57 (1 kilometer before arrive to Chom Thong District) take a right on route 1009 (Chom Thong - Doi Inthanon Road). At km.31 of this road is the Park Headquarter.

Administered by Doi Inthanon National Park

Contact Tel. 0 5328 6728, 0 5328 6729